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Weekly Team Retrospective Template

Do a weekly retrospective with your team to visualize what went well, what can be improved, and actions to take.

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It's always a good time to reflect and learn from our mistakes. Once a week, complete a retrospective with your team to reflect on what went well, what could be better, and what you can do to make positive changes to your process. This template adds some fun team activities to an agile weekly retrospective.

Start with a check-in. Each person picks an emoji that represents how they're feeling today. Then give the team a few minutes to work individually writing down their reflections on the notes. Then take turns sharing your notes while clustering similar answers, thinking in terms of what went well, what didn’t go well, possible actions to be taken and appreciation that can be given.

Group members can then react with emojis on content provided, and discuss reasons for this. Then as the session comes to a close complete a check-out sharing how everyone feels after the session.

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