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Video scenario template

A short movie showing the attributes of a new concept in use

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IF A PICTURE is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures. You can spend great time and effort telling people about a new concept, but words only go so far—sometimes you have to show people the world you envision. With video, you can present a compelling explanation of what your concept would be like in a true-to-life scenario. This allows people to better imagine how one might interact with or experience your design. As a vehicle for storytelling, a Video Scenario has the potential to capture your team’s attention and garner their support for an idea before it is made real.

These days, creating, editing, and sharing video is commonplace and relatively easy. While you may want someone with experience to polish the final product, you can do much of the groundwork yourself. Use your storyboarding skills to frame the narrative, and then use video to bring it to life!

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