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Team wellbeing and emotions check-in template

Check-in with team dynamics and emotions during a sprint.

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Why the Emotional Rollercoaster?

In a design sprint, a group of experts is brought together and tasked with solving a complex challenge. Getting this diverse group of people to achieve synergy in a very short amount of time can be a bumpy ride, with many ups and downs and heated moments. As design sprint Facilitators, you need to know how and when the human dynamics will shift and guide your team through the storm.

When to use the Emotional Rollercoaster?

1.  During Onboarding (before the sprint):

  • To educate the team regarding the different emotions that might arise at each stage of the process.
  • To set the right expectations.
  • To reduce the level of ambiguity.

2.  During the Sprint:

  • To embrace continuous empathy-building.
  • To scan the team's emotional state.
  • To mirror their feelings and solve their needs every step of the way.

How to create a Team wellbeing and emotions check-in template

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