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Team Charter template

Establish ground rules for how your team works together

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Use a team charter to outline the essential elements of your team's communication and define a set of concepts and skills that focus and guide your team. Invite your teammates to the example template and review together, then move into a blank charter and begin your journey to becoming a high-performing team.‍

A team charter serves as a guiding document for project management that outlines the purpose, goals, values, and expectations of a team. It provides a foundation for team members to align their efforts, establish a shared vision, and work towards achieving common objectives.

The team charter template helps teams:

  • Improve clarity and alignment with key stakeholders
  • Create a communication plan
  • Increase accountability and buy-in
  • Establish norms, success metrics, and quality standards

How to use the team charter template

Follow these steps to define your project team’s purpose and build a team charter. For each step, brainstorm with your team, consolidate the ideas, and refine the ideas by turning them into cohesive statements.

1. List out team members and stakeholders

Have each team member add sticky notes with their name, two self-identified strengths, and two weaknesses to the first section of the template.

2. Agree upon core values with the entire team

Brainstorm and discuss which shared values can help guide how you approach work and how the team members will collaborate with each other. 

3. Define team norms

With the other team members, establish your ways of working and the ideals you’ll expect each other to abide by. This might include the desired format for common deliverables, recurring workflows, and outcomes.

4. Determine necessary team roles

Based on the strengths, weaknesses, and skill sets of each team member, define what roles each person will assume, what their responsibilities are, and how everyone will collaborate with each other.

5. Identify team success metrics

Consider how success can be measured beyond a letter grade or number score. Are there specific milestones along the way or desired outcomes the team is working towards?

6. Outline quality standards

What are your expectations for high-quality work and outcomes? Think about the level of quality you deliver and expect from your teammates.

7. Organize these ideas into a cohesive charter

Transfer your organized thoughts from the six sections and draft up a single, cohesive charter document for each member of the team to follow.

Team charter example

Start from a completed example charter, or use this team charter example as inspiration.

An example team charter from Mural

Tips for creating a team charter with your team

  • Regularly review and update: Treat the project team charter as a living document that evolves with the team's progress. Schedule regular reviews to assess the charter's effectiveness and make necessary updates to reflect any changes in goals, roles, or team dynamics.
  • Align with organizational goals: Ensure that the team charter aligns with the broader goals and objectives of the organization. This alignment helps reinforce the team's relevance and importance within the larger context of the organization.
  • Be clear and specific: Use clear and concise language when defining the team's purpose, goals, and expectations. Avoid ambiguity to minimize potential miscommunications and conflicts down the line.

How to create a Team Charter template

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