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Team agreements template

Lead your team in aligning around norms and goals

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Agreements are the behavioral norms that create and maintain the team dynamic: they help team members understand what they can expect of each other, and how to hold each other accountable. Cultivate team cohesion and a sense of belonging by leading your team in a workshop to articulate their agreements.

Whether your team is newly formed or has been working together for a while, make time to co-design agreements using the three steps in this template:
Surface team preferences and goals: Have each team member surface their work styles and goals for project outcomes so everyone can understand how they are showing up and what they find important.

Craft agreements: Synthesize individuals’ needs into short, memorable statements that the team can agree to.

Display them: Keep your agreements visible so they stay top of mind and can help bring new team members up to speed.

Setting these team agreements is the first step in leading your team through complex challenges and projects.

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How to create a Team agreements template

Foundations in Creative Leadership Certificate Program
Team agreements are a building block of IDEO U's unique approach to leadership. In this certificate program, learn skills to help you tackle today’s complex challenges by navigating your team through uncertainty, collaborating across diversity, and maintaining momentum and motivation. Showcase your new skills through tangible, real-world project challenges, such as a leadership plan and a story to share.

Cultivating Creative Collaboration Course
In this course, you’ll lead your team through a team agreements session, design a brainstorming or decision-making meeting, and identify an opportunity to address a team tension. Through these hands-on activities, you’ll learn how to unlock your team’s ability to generate new ideas and reach better solutions by tapping into diverse perspectives.

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