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Retrospective radar template

Prioritize the team's needs and scale feedback to leaders

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Retrospectives are moments of reflection for teams, where time is set aside to come together and share learnings so that the team continuously improves. The purpose of the Retrospective Radar is to make any kind of reflection point actionable in the spirit of iterative improvement.

Going beyond the standard Retrospective, this template makes it easy to provide feedback to managers and leaders using the Radar visualization to prioritize the needs of a team.

The Retrospective Radar:
• Combines the reflection meetings and planning meetings into one instead of two separate meetings
• Is worked simultaneously by all team members. This is so that shared insights may surface and influence learnings.
• Provides actionable next steps for team members to prioritize upcoming work
• Visualizes and prioritizes feedback for action by management
• Highlights how teams are pivoting and prioritizing work based on the shared learnings of the team

How to create a Retrospective radar template

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Anthony Coppedge

Template by Anthony Coppedge

Global Agile Digital Sales Transformation Lead at IBM,
Global Agile Digital Sales Transformation Lead at IBM

Anthony works remotely while traveling for IBM where he leads the Agile Transformation for all of Digital Sales worldwide. Most of his brainpower is spent teaching leaders, managers, and teams how to manage the tension between planned and unplanned work so that they can deliver value faster and at scale.