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Pros and cons list template

Evaluate your options to make a well-informed decision

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Use the pros and cons list template to create a visual list of pros and cons to help you or your team make the right decision. A pros and cons list helps teams understand the main advantages and disadvantages of an option to improve decision-making and achieve positive outcomes.

The pros and cons list template helps teams

  • Understand the different sides of an argument
  • Visualize your options and prioritize what’s important
  • Collaboratively evaluate your options with team members
  • Execute decisions with confidence

How to use the pros and cons list template

While creating a pros and cons list isn’t difficult, here are some steps you can take to improve your decision-making for a better outcome.

  1. List your options: If you have more than a few options to choose from, try adding more sections to your pros and cons list.
  2. Jot down the pros and cons: With your team, brainstorm a list of pros and cons and add them as sticky notes on the canvas. Place each sticky note in the corresponding “Pros” and “Cons” section.
  3. Assign priorities: Not all pros and cons are equal. Assign a priority level to each point, considering factors like impact and feasibility. In Mural, you can add tags, color codes, or different shapes based on significance.
  4. Weigh the factors: Sum up the pros and cons for each option. Based on the priorities you assigned, some options may start appearing more desirable than others.
  5. Make a decision: Armed with a well-organized pros and cons list, you're ready to make your decision confidently. Choose the option that aligns best with your tech goals and priorities.

Tips for creating a pros and cons list

  • Need your pros and cons on the go? You can open up Mural on mobile devices from anywhere, or download a printable PDF or PNG version of your pros and cons list.
  • You can add tags to sticky notes in Mural to help you include helpful information on every pro and con you add to your pros and cons chart.
  • With Mural, you can invite collaborators to help you build a pros and cons list and make important decisions with key stakeholders.

How to create a Pros and cons list template

Mural features that empower teams to do more, from anywhere

The Mural platform has the features and functionalities your team needs to conduct better brainstorming sessions, standardize workflows, build roadmaps, and decide on the best course of action for complex problems.
Sticky notes & text

Sticky notes & text

Add ideas, action items, and more as a sticky note or text box — then change the colors and cluster to identify patterns and new solutions.

Tags on sticky notes

Tags on sticky notes

Customizable labels make it easy to find, organize, and categorize your work in a mural.

Infinite & resizable canvas options

Infinite & resizable canvas options

Choose the right canvas for your collaboration goals — flexibility without limits.

Video meeting integrations

Video meeting integrations

Seamlessly add visual collaboration to meetings with Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Zoom integrations.

Easy sharing

Easy sharing

There are no barriers to collaboration with the ability to safely and securely share murals with others.

Anonymous voting

Anonymous voting

Gain consensus and reach alignment quickly, either in real time or asynchronously.

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