Lightning Decision Jam

Make decisions, solve problems or discuss challenges.

The Lightning Decision Jam (LDJ) is an exercise created by AJ&Smart as an easy way to help your team make faster decisions and find quick direction - and is inspired by the core principles of the design sprint:
• Work together, alone
• Tangible items are better than discussion
• Getting started is more important than being right
• Don’t rely on creativity

Watch this video for an overview of the LDJ process:

We recommend using this method anytime your team needs to make decisions, solve problems or discuss challenges fast + find quick direction. It will prevent your group from losing focus and replace your open, unstructured discussion with clear process.


Lightning Decision Jam by AJ&SMART

AJ&Smart is an award-winning product design, strategy and innovation studio with particular expertise in using design sprints to help their partners with product design, product strategy and rapid innovation.

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