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Cover Story Mock-Up Template

A mock news article describing the successful future of a new idea

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ONE OF AUTHOR Steven Covey’s seven methods of success is to begin each endeavor with the end in mind. Developing a future news story is an engaging way to build excitement for your idea by envisioning the possibilities of a world with your concept already in it. An idealized story is a unique way to explain the need or benefit of something by imagining the impact of its creation. If you are able to present your concept as a success, by showing its potential merits and a positive outcome, you are more likely to get buy-in from those who are initially uncertain about it.

Your goal for a Cover Story Mock-up is to answer the question What will this_____have done? This requires you to consider the potential cultural impact of your idea and to frame its success around how people would ideally respond to it. When you begin with a positive ending, it’s easier to rally people around the development of your idea.

How to create a Cover Story Mock-Up Template

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