Design conversations to create impact

Conversation design template

Use this when you want to transform dialogue for one on one, team, workshop, or organizational communication.

Designing conversations skillfully and intentionally, by taking a fresh approach to applying the tools of user experience design and design thinking, can create breakthrough impact in your company, your team and your self.

Being intentional about our conversation design choices is the first step towards hosting more effective and transformational conversations. Daniel Stillman (The Conversation Factory) has developed frameworks to keep all of your important conversations on track and reframe what's missing and confusing.

Create a mural in your workspace from the template below:

CONVERSATION DESIGN: Transform dialogue 1v1, in teams, and in workshops

About Daniel Stillman

Daniel is dedicated to crafting powerful workshops and transformational learning experiences to help teams work better, together. He's a Certified Instructor at LUMA Institute and runs The Conversation Factory podcast, discussing the edges and corners of conversation design.

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