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Change plan template

Coordinating change activities across the project life-cycle

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Informs the overview to managing impacted stakeholders and employees through the life-cycle of a project / initiative.

Why do we use it?

To provide an overview of change activity through the life-cycle of the project.

Provides a summary of:

  • Key project milestones
  • Engagement activities
  • Change deliverables
  • Learning development & events
  • Transition to business-as-usual (BAU) activities

The Change Plan supports the project plan by coordinating change enablement activities.

When do we use it?

Should be developed alongside the project plan as the key project milestones help inform the change planning.

The Change Plan is organic and will evolve through the project life-cyle.

It is an important tool in helping inform the project team of engagement, communication and learning activities.

It also supports planning for transition to business ownership once the project team is no longer in place.

How to create a Change plan template

Change plan template frequently asked questions

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