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Accenture interactive workshop essentials template

Run a user-centered workshop or ideation session.

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This toolkit provides all the basic exercises that are necessary to run a user-centered workshop or an ideation session.

Kick off your session with an Icebreaker to get the team comfortable with each other. Use the Persona Profile and User Journey templates to understand who you are designing for and spot opportunities for new products and services or for improvements.

The Lightning Demos and Crazy 8 templates can set your team up for success during a brainstorming or ideation session.


If I Were An Animal

A fun way to help the team bond by thinking about which animal represents each person best. Use this exercise at the beginning of a session to get everyone in the meeting comfortable with each other by sharing something personal. This template can fit both a newly formed team, meeting for the first time, and an established team, getting to know each other better.

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Lightning Demos

Solve your own challenges by looking to existing ideas for inspiration. Use this template to gather and discuss great case studies and examples, then vote for the most relevant solutions using a heat mapping technique. 

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Persona Profile

Develop further context around your end-user persona and help build an understanding of who it is you're actually designing for. Start by listing details about the persona, including their goals, attitudes and what they say, both positive and negative, to build a fleshed-out depiction of the persona. Use this template to develop empathy as a team before beginning a project.

Get started from Persona Profile blank template

User Journey

Use this collaborative template to gain a more complete understanding of your user's experience, from the phases they have to go through to the emotions that they experience at each stage. Through this exercise you'll identify first the user’s pain points and then opportunities for improvements along the journey.

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Crazy Eights

Use this template to ideate solutions to an agreed-on problem to solve. You'll brainstorm 8 solutions in 8 minutes. The facilitator will highlight the top concepts, with a collaborative effort from the team to talk through them and agree on the most effective solution to the problem.

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