Transform how you collaborate.

MURAL has been critical in deploying IBM Design Thinking across the whole company.

Phil Gilbert


MURAL for Teams

A single workspace for small and medium sized companies and teams that need to collaborate visually.




per member, per month

Plan Highlights:

  • Facilitator superpowers

  • FREE Unlimited anonymous collaborators

  • Unlimited murals and rooms

  • Integrations with Slack & Teams

  • Open education programs

  • Self service & email support




per member, per month

Additional Highlights:

  • FREE Unlimited guests

  • Priority support with SLA

  • Guaranteed 99.95% uptime

  • SAML or oAuth2 single sign-on

  • Integrations with enterprise collaboration software

  • Compliance exports

  • Education programs

  • Alternative payment methods

Start now FREE, pick a plan later.

MURAL for Enterprises

A network of workspaces to support large scale transformations with central deployment of content.

Enterprise Network

Enterprise Network

Full company transformation:

  • Central Member & Guest Management

    Admins can have a bird's eye view on activity and take action at scale.

  • Deploy Content Centrally

    Frameworks, Templates, Guides and other tools that you want everybody to use.

  • Enterprise Transformation Services

    Our Customer Success team will help you accelerate your culture change programs.

  • Personalized Education Programs

    Webinars, workshops & training sessions to fit your needs.

  • Dedicated Support

    Dedicated support via email, phone, chat, or even side-by-side with you inside your mural.

  • Evaluate Your Progress

    Success metrics you want to go for? Track usage and outcomes to measure ROI.

  • Mobile Device Management

    Set company-wide policies for all users on mobile apps.

  • User Activity API

    Documentary evidence of the sequence of activities at any time a specific operation, procedure, or event.

  • Company-wide settings

    Replicate your own set of company policies on the company workspaces


    GDPR API provides a simple set of endpoints, enabling MURAL Customers to manage (access and deleted) the personal data of their consumers.

  • IP Whitelisting

    Restrict access to your MURAL account only to allowed IP ranges

  • Billing Groups (coming soon)

    Allow multiple buyers to pay for specific user groups within the same company

  • Custom Subdomain (coming soon)

    Your MURAL instance at your own subdomain [company]

  • Private Database Instance and BYOK (coming soon)

    Store your data on an independent isolated encrypted database.

MURAL is my go-to app for starting almost all projects.



Security & Compliance

We are constantly working to ensure your information is protected by the most up to date and trusted security practices.


Still thinking about it?

When you go digital first in your visual collaboration, you'll naturally be saving on these monthly:







But most importantly, you'll be able to speed up decisions and projects, save time and money traveling and a lot of headaches.


Want to learn the details on how we made IBM earn a 495% ROI? Deep dive on a Forrester study on the impact of MURAL at scale

MURAL for Consultants

Add value to client engagements by collaborating with MURAL.

Design Consultant Network

A global network of world-class design experts.

Learn More

  • Free MURAL Starter account
  • Free, unlimited Guest invites for your clients
  • Best-in-class security for confidential work
  • Software discounts for your clients

MURAL for a Better World

We want to help you prepare the next generation of imagination workers.

MURAL for Education

Interactive learning for the next generation of innovators.

Learn More

  • Free MURAL Starter account
  • Integrations into your learning platform
  • Free online training sessions with our Design Success Team

Start now FREE, pick a plan later.

Frequently Asked Questions


How does MURAL's pricing work?

MURAL memberships are priced linearly. The price per membership is fixed at $16 per membership, per month if you pay monthly, and $12 per membership, per month if you pay annually. Enterprise pricing is determined separately.

How does adding memberships to my workspace affect my billing?

When you purchase new memberships, you will be billed proportionally to the time left before your next billing period. For example, if you purchase 5 memberships in January and you are billed annually, and then you purchase 2 more memberships in June, you will only be charged for six months of the year for those additional two memberships. If you remove memberships, you will be discounted proportionally to the time left before your next billing period from your next payment.

Does everyone I collaborate with in MURAL need a membership?

Anyone you invite to collaborate in a workspace, a room, or a mural is automatically added to a workspace’s list of members and will need membership with that workspace. Anyone who accesses a mural through a View link will not be added to that workspace and does not need a membership.

If a workspace member invites people to my workspace, will I be charged?

No. You have total control and previsibility of your billing so that there are no surprises. If the number of members in your workspace surpasses the number of memberships you’ve purchased, you will have 14 days to either remove the extra members or purchase memberships for them. After 14 days, your account will be locked if you still have more members in your workspace than paid memberships. You will never be charged for more memberships than you’ve explicitly purchased.

Can I change the number of memberships in my workspace?

Yes. You can add or remove memberships, or cancel your subscription at any time.

What happens when my free trial ends?

After your free trial ends, you have some options. If you want to continue using MURAL, you can choose a paid plan. Or, if you feel strange extenuating circumstances kept you from really feeling the MURAL magic during your free trial, you can request an extension. Once your free trial ends, you will not be able to access any of the content you created during your free trial. The good news is your content doesn’t disappear into a black hole; when you subscribe to a paid plan, you regain access to all your content.

Which types of payment are accepted?

We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express credit cards. Unfortunately, we cannot accept debit cards. You can also have us send an invoice to your company when you get past 5000 dollars. Contact us to sort out details.

Does MURAL offer discounts?

MURAL offers a slight discount per membership per month subscribing yearly instead of monthly.

What are memberships?

We think of MURAL as a club for your imagination. You need a membership to come and exercise your brain and collaboration to ultimately transform into the best imagination worker you may be. Team members will need a membership each to collaborate.

How do I invite team members?

You can either invite team members to the workspace via email or send direct emails to specific rooms and canvases.

Is there a way to allow access without the need to sign up?

You can send a direct link to a canvas and set it for anyone with the link to be able to collaborate anonymously if they don’t have an account. For SSO enabled accounts, they would just need to sign in to their main SSO username.

How do I invite internal stakeholders?

You can send a direct link to a canvas and set it for anyone with the link to be able to collaborate anonymously if they don’t have an account. For SSO enabled accounts, they would just need to sign in to their main SSO username.

How can I work with people outside my company?

Invite clients and external partners to rooms for projects. External stakeholders will be invited as guests and are free of charge. You can also upgrade them to members if they become part of your team.

How do I get my whole company on board?

You will need an Enterprise Network account. We can offer a transformation program proposal based on your needs. We understand it takes time to deploy at scale. Please contact sales and ask about a "Company Wide Expansion Package".

Education and Non-Profits

Does MURAL have deals for teachers and students?

Yes. Any university teacher or student can use MURAL for free. Please contact us directly and include a link to your school. If an entire educational organization, such as a university, is interested in a school-wide subscription, we can offer a highly reduced rate for an Enterprise plan. More information.

Security & Privacy

How secure is MURAL?

We take security seriously here at MURAL. And for good reason: every person and team using our service expects their data to be secure and confidential. MURAL has SOC2 certified processes, and is constantly keeping its security practices state-of-the-art to safeguard your data and maintain your trust.

Looking for more?

MURAL offers additional Enterprise products and services upon request. If your team needs features or tools you don’t see in MURAL’s public releases, please let us know.

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