The definitive guide to facilitating remote workshops

Insights, tools and case studies from digital-first companies and expert facilitators

Our mission at MURAL is to inspire, enhance, and connect Imagination Workers globally. We believe that innovation, change, can happen anywhere, as long as great minds can be connected and collaborate towards a common goal. So here is our contribution to accelerate your transformation and your organization’s.

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Everything we know about work is changing: where it's done, how it's done, and who does it.

As facilitators, we just got everyone comfy using sticky notes and colored markers, but there’s more to teach. Where these lessons happen is the focus of this book.

It’s our goal to show you how, with forethought, conducting remote workshops can be as productive as running them in person.

How? By going digital first.

“Being digital and cloud-based allows you to scale methods across the enterprise. When everyone can see their role and place in the experience, they are more engaged and can participate in more meaningful ways.”


Principal Designer, Intuit

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