Visual Collaboration for Creative People

Hello! I’m Mariano (aka Bat) and I’m the CEO of MURAL. Check out the short video to watch me tell the story of Mural.

MURAL was brought to life to solve a problem I had when I was designing a video game with an interdisciplinary team that was collaborating remotely.

I needed something to help me collect information in one place so that I could organize my thoughts, but also to share what was inside my head with my team in a space where they could give feedback and we could get things moving.

Since then, thousands of creative teams and individuals have used MURAL to organize, share, and develop their ideas. We use MURAL to design MURAL every day.

We understand the need to combine different ideas and disciplines and people to create something great. MURAL is here to make that faster, easier, and more fun for you and your team, no matter where you are.

More about us

Tactivos Inc is incorporated in Delaware, USA, with offices in San Francisco and development operations in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We have great investors like Intel Capital, Alta Ventures, 500 Startups and a top roster of angel investors throughout the Americas. More on that here

Meet our team

These are the people behind MURAL

  • Mariano Suarez Battan

    I like to dream about new things. Sometimes I make them come true.

    Mariano Suarez Battan

  • Pato Jutard

    Passionate about technology as an enabler and enhancer to the human being. Father of two.

  • Agustin Soler

    I’m a lifelong learner, passionate about strategy, productivity and simplicity.

    Agustin Soler

  • Celeste Olivieri

    Hello stranger! I like to watch people and learn about their stories. What’s yours?

    Celeste Olivieri

  • Juli Racca

    I live in a world where everything can happen.

  • Megan Landes

    Neuroscience nerd, peanut butter aficionado. Never found without colored pencils.

  • Santiago Martin Vilar

    I like making things move in screens!

    Santiago Martin Vilar

  • Mingus Llorente

    I can’t believe I ate the whole thing

    Mingus Llorente

  • Alexis Sgarbossa

    Product Designer

    Alexis Sgarbossa

  • Guido Vilariño

    Nerdy singer with a knack for helping others with tech. When in doubt, Rock N Roll is the answer.

    Guido Vilariño

  • Emiliano Carmona

    Nerd. Likes movies, books, art and all kinds of games. Codes every day.

    Emiliano Carmona

  • Seba Damore

    Enthusiastic & happy designer, who loves football and discover new places

  • Pol Guevara Lynch

    Always looking for connections

    Pol Guevara Lynch

  • Jim Kalbach

    If I’m not busy writing about UX, you’ll find me playing jazz bass.

  • David Chin

    A social explorer embracing challenges, pushing boundaries, and collecting experiences. I'm always interested in understanding WHY?

  • Mariano Focaraccio

    Software Engineer and entrepreneur all in one.

    Mariano Focaraccio

  • Javier Alvarez

    Heavy sleeper, biker, lifelong learner, music lover, cats enthusiast, Javascript Engineer working with React Native.

    Javier Alvarez

  • Martin Giachetti

    I love building cool things and make them faster.

    Martin Giachetti

  • Gonzalo Pombo

    I like playing football and dogs. San Lorenzo's fan.

    Gonzalo Pombo

  • Mark Tippin

    Human-Centered Designer, Certified LUMA Instructor, Sketcher, Optimist. Iteration and play are the mother of innovation.

  • Nicolas Echezarreta

    Very good at hyping people about random things. Especially when working :D

    Nicolas Echezarreta

  • Emilia Åström

    I like to help teams find flow and be smarter together through play and structure.

    Emilia Åström

  • Rosario Cases Bocci

    Graphic user interface designer experienced in user-centered interaction design for software, applications, and web sites.

    Rosario Cases Bocci

  • Matt Sinise

    Sports lover. Big fan of languages, baseball, and burritos.

  • Victorio Sol Mancini

    I'm a lazy person who likes to automate as much as possible. QA by day, ballet enthusiast by night.

    Victorio Sol Mancini

  • Luis Paolini

    Passionate about digital and asados.

  • Mary Halling

    Enjoying life. Trying to love more, and be cynical less. Love building relationships with people. Especially if coffee and good food are involved.

    Mary Halling

  • Alejandro Hohberg

    part time gamer, part time my dog's chewing toy, full time dev

    Alejandro Hohberg

  • Daniela Kazarian

    I love animals, painting, gaming, paintball and FX make up.

    Daniela Kazarian

  • Victor Martin

    Developer turned Devops, passionate about automation. Loves biking, airsoft, classic rock and astronomy. When in doubt, Tonystark it!

  • Pato Zavolinsky

    All time geek (indentation should be neat) Hardcore coder (not to be confused with 'hardcoder') Dolphin savior (not the animals, mind you)

    Pato Zavolinsky

  • Lucas Fada

    Always finding solutions to problems. Passionate about car design and soccer

    Lucas Fada

  • Alicia Ness

    Sr. Customer Success Manager, crazy cat lady, lover of cheese, corny sense of humor like a dad, auntie x5. I aim to make a positive impact on as many lives as I can.

  • Marina Repetto

    Technology and comunication enthusiast. I love human and non-human languages.

    Marina Repetto

  • Anton Commissaris


    Anton Commissaris

  • Han Soo Kim

    Expect the unexpected Loves soccer, edm, poker and horror movies.

    Han Soo Kim

  • Aaron Richman

    Sales Leader focused on building lean teams into well-oiled machines. When not at work, I'm either working, surfing, sipping good coffee, or listening to reggaeton.

    Aaron Richman

  • Stephanie Silberman

    Technology, dogs and chocolate enthusiast.

    Stephanie Silberman

  • Daniel Miceli

    Strong believer in the power of brilliant ideas. Lover of performance arts, music, anthropology, and life itself!