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A global network of world class design experts

The MURAL Design Consultant Network is a global community of leading independent consultants, agencies, and facilitators deeply committed to fostering creative innovation and work transformation. They are constantly working to bring Design Thinking practices to their clients and leverage MURAL as a visual workspace to enhance their creative collaboration and bridge the gap between in-person workshops and ongoing, remote collaboration in the cloud.


What it means to be a MURAL Design Consultant

Free MURAL Account

Free MURAL Account

A free MURAL workspace for your team to work with clients, including 10 Memberships and 25 Guests.

Coaching & Resources

Coaching & Resources

Coaching from our Design Success Team on effective use of MURAL and online resources at your fingertips.



Connect with other consultants to share best practices and ask questions in a private Slack channel.

Early Access & Feedback

Early Access & Feedback

Exclusive access to unreleased features and an opportunity to help us design a better service.

Success Stories

Success Stories

Share your stories, use cases, and insights, and we’ll package and promote them to our customers.

Client Promotional Codes

Client Promotional Codes

Invite your clients as Guests and offer them MURAL discounted promotional codes for upgrades to their own MURAL workspace for their internal projects.

  • "MURAL is essential to enable teams of #EventCanvas users across 58 countries to collaborate visually in realtime, online to design epic events that matter."

    RUUD JANSSEN, Creator #EventCanvas
  • "That’s what I love about MURAL, it’s a virtual collaboration space that is easy to use, everyone “gets” it, and it doesn’t try to reinvent collaboration – it just takes it to a new medium where there was no good option before."

    ERIK FLOWERS, Principal Designer, Intuit
  • "Currently, there are very few online tools that replicate the experience that’s similar to what a real space would offer. One of these that does get close to what you’d get from a real space is MURAL."

    LAÏLA VON ALVENSLEBEN, Designer, Hanno

Become a mural design consultant

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

1. Apply

Fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch to learn more about your business and discuss how MURAL can help you grow.

2. Claim your free Workspace Access

Sign up for your free MURAL account to use with your clients.

3. Invite your Clients to MURAL

Congrats! You’re ready to invite your clients as Guests to a MURAL for your next project. You’re now ready for creative collaboration in the cloud, on any device, on demand, and wherever your clients may be located.

Join the network


Who can join the Design Consultant Network?

The Design Consultant Network is open to independent consultants, agencies, and facilitators from around the globe. Members focus on a range of areas within the realm of Design Thinking, Lean, and Agile practices including Design Sprints, Design Education, Workplace Transformation, Assumptions Mapping, User Experience Mapping and much more.

Is there a cost to join the Design Consultant Network?

There is no cost to join the Design Consultant Network! In fact, we provide you with a free MURAL account to use with your clients, and we’re constantly working to add new benefits for members. Want to see something extra in the program or our product? Send us an email.

Is being a MURAL Design Consultant a big time commitment?

Being a member of the Design Consultant Network is not a major commitment. We ask that you leverage MURAL to facilitate relevant workshops and projects with your clients and to help you digitally collaborate with them when you’re no longer in the same room. And if you believe one of your clients would benefit from using MURAL on an ongoing basis, let us know so that we can set them up and apply your promotional code so they get the best price available on MURAL.

What do I get with my free MURAL account?

Once you're a MURAL Design Consultant, we’ll set you up with a free MURAL visual workspace to use with your team and clients for a minimum of one year. Your account automatically includes 10 Memberships, which you can share with your team. It also comes with 25 concurrent Guests so that you can invite your clients or workshop attendees to collaborate with you in MURAL. Learn more about inviting Guests here.

How can I receive ongoing education and training on MURAL?

We have a wealth of information available online in our Help Center. Additionally, we host regular, free Webinars on MURAL and Design Thinking best practices. The MURAL team also attends and sponsors various industry events. We’d love to meet in person if you’ll be there, so let us know!

Have other questions, feedback, or want to get in touch with a member of our Design Success team? Send us an email at