How to co-design templates with people around the world

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Hailey Temple
April 14, 2020

How do we prepare for collaborative online meetings at MURAL? We teamed up with our friends to get a behind-the-scenes look at how to make it happen in real time. Our friends from Voltage Control and Design Sprint Ltd joined Backstage Pass, our weekly webinar to show MURAL collaborators how we solve problems together in our visual, digital workspace.

This week's challenge: co-creating a design sprint workshop template when you cannot be in the same room.

Watch and learn how we made it happen - while having a small dance party.

🖼️ Explore the mural we created here.

📹 Access webinar recording here:

We host MURAL Backstage Pass every Friday to give you advice to collaborate and facilitate in online meetings.

Register to join here.

About the author

About the authors

Hailey Temple

Hailey Temple

Hailey is a Services Lead at MURAL. She's a creative problem solver who is passionate about making collaboration happen anywhere.

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