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Starting a company template

A series of templates to help product managers launch a startup

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Many product managers work on side projects that they hope will one day receive funding and turn into a startup. They know the ins and outs of building a product, but what about building the company around the product? PMs can use this series of templates to understand where the product fits into the market, define its value, discover how to increase efficiency, and more. 

Product Comparison Template

Use this template regularly to assess how your product or service compares to other similar products or services available in the market. Conduct this exercise when your team is considering a new product, service, or feature and when competitors release a new product, service, or feature.  

The Product Comparison template

Value Chain Analysis Template

Use this template to identify activities within and around your organization and assess them for the value they provide to the customer and the cost to the business. The goal is to uncover areas of opportunity and competitive strength.

The Value Chain Analysis template

ROI Calculator Template

Use this template to identify activities within and around your organization, what goal they are working toward, and how they are receiving investment now. Then, map each activity based on the level of investment and return.

The ROI Calculator template

Feature Market Analysis Template

Use this template to identify potential and target customers, market needs, competitors, barriers to entry, and relevant regulatory concerns. 

The Feature Market Analysis template

Business Value Canvas Workshop Template

Use this template in the early stages of a new business venture to outline all the advantages, targets, challenges, risks, costs, and opportunities of your business. After completing each step, you'll have an exportable canvas representing all the key details.

The Business Model Canvas Workshop template

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