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What Design Thinking Could Be

Wednesday, June 19th / 9AM PST
1 hour approx.

Design thinking has become the popular term for creative approaches to framing and solving problems using techniques originating from design practice. As a relatively dynamic field, many approaches have been developed in its name.

So, host David Townson and team created What Could Be to do 3 things:

💪 help designers apply these approaches to transformational design projects – beyond brand, product and service

💪 empower org. leaders to embrace design thinking tools and methodologies, to better innovate in a complex and increasingly digital world

💪 raise the profile of design and place it firmly at the boardroom table

Enthusiastic about the diversity of these approaches, but frustrated that an opportunity to truly establish design thinking as a discipline might be missed, the What Could Be team developed the Design Thinking Canvas as a common first step in planning your design and innovation projects.

In this webinar, David will introduce the logic behind the Canvas, acknowledge key influences, explain its structure and give a quick-start guide on a number of ways to use it.

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David Townson has enabled innovation in areas as varied as returnable transit packaging, cat flaps, location-based sports booking apps and automated banking services. He has been a product designer in manufacturing and a director at service design pioneers live|work.

David has worked with universities, startups, medium-sized and global businesses and government organizations to better understand and apply human-centered design practices, creating valuable product and service offers as a result.

Learn more about What Could Be here.

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