Six behaviors of creative and innovative teams MURAL webinar

THU MAY 3 2018 | 9 AM PDT

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How can you make your organization more innovative, adaptive, and creatively competitive?

Too many executives focus on ideas, but to generate powerful and effective solutions, they ought to instead focus on behaviors and culture—fostering teams that ask questions, experiment, refine, and collaborate.

After studying 400+ companies, global design firm IDEO has identified six essential qualities to drive innovation.

In this webinar, David Aycan, Managing Director - IDEO Products, shares insights from his research and explains how your team can drive change through creativity and innovation.

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About David Aycan

David Aycan leads the development of new ventures for IDEO’s Design for Change studio. He's currently focused on helping leaders to build more creatively competitive organizations - companies capable of leading through innovation, adapting quickly to market changes, and effectively improving their operations.