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Make Meaningful Progress Via Remote Design Sprints

1 hour approx.

Right now you may be juggling multiple projects individually or with your team - multitasking to the extreme - but none of them seem to be making any meaningful progress.

A design sprint is a great way to break this cycle by bringing your team together to focus on a single problem - but what if your team doesn’t have the time or budget to fly everyone to the same location to run a sprint?

In this webinar, Joe Lalley (Head of Product Management & User Experience at PwC) and Greg Smith (Sr Creative Account Manager at PwC) will share how their team broke the cycle by running a fully remote design sprint.

They’ll reference how they planned and ran the sprint - including the advantages, disadvantages, and surprises.

At PwC, Greg Smith manages a team of account managers, designers, developers, content strategists and social media specialists in order to drive business growth through the creation of innovative and engaging digital experiences.

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