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How Design Sprints Can Be Reformatted For Any Workshop/Meeting

Wednesday, May 8 / 9AM PST
1 hour approx.

After running hundreds of design sprints and training thousands of people across the world, AJ&Smart have a good handle on the most common challenges that people face when attempting to introduce a new process, both personally and within a company.

Some of the questions AJ&Smart get asked about most are:
🗣 Can I/we reap the benefits of the design sprint without having to commit to the entire process off the bat? 
🗣 I'm not a designer - is the design sprint applicable to my job? I'm a (insert any job title here).
🗣 How can I run an amazing, interactive, productive & engaging 1 hour workshop/meeting? 
🗣 I want to take my role to the next level - what tactic(s) can I use to do this?
🗣 I'm a junior and don't have the authority to decide that we should start running sprints but I want to get things moving in that direction - what can I do? 
🗣 How do you actually convince someone of the benefits of a process that demands significant resources and time commitment from key stakeholders?
🗣 How can you build design sprint evangelists within your organization quickly?

Brittni will explore how you can take the design sprint process and easily reformat it in a way that helps you run the best meetings and workshops of your career, AND get buy-in from your team to adopt this way of working - by taking the core design sprint exercises and principles to get things done faster, better & happier! 

REMEMBER: If you can't attend the live session - SIGN UP ANYWAYS! We'll send the video replay to everyone who registers, so you can learn on your own time. 🎯

Brittni Bowering is the Head of Media at AJ&Smart. It’s her job to teach members of their online community (Youtube, Facebook & Instagram) new ways of working, particularly in design sprints.

She's a design sprint expert + training lead, keynote speaker on innovation, and hosts a podcast with AJ&Smart teammate Penny Blackmore - Happy Hour: Career Talk w/ Brittni & Penny.

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