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LUMA Webinar

1 hour approx.

People around the globe have recognized the value of design thinking, yet many are struggling to successfully integrate it into their daily work and work culture.

In this webinar, Chris Pacione, LUMA CEO & Founder, will share a recipe for how to use design thinking with a remote team to visualize a customer's experience with the products or services your organization offers so you can better understand:

  • What is working well in your current process
  • Where there is room for improvement
  • Where the most promising opportunities for change lie

This is part two of our series "Using Design Thinking in Your Everyday Work". You can watch part one here.

As a Co-Founder and CEO of LUMA Institute, Chris leads a highly skilled, multidisciplinary team of practitioners located around the world who are passionate about preparing and equipping organizations to be more innovative. He’s a frequent speaker on the topic of design and innovation, co-author of "Innovating for People", the widely acclaimed handbook of human-centered design methods, and co-creator of the LUMA System of Innovation, referred to by Harvard Business Review as the "taxonomy of innovation".

Learn more about the LUMA Workplace digital platform used by innovators in over 70 countries.

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