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Special Touches That Make Your Sprint Kickass

1 hour approx.

You’ve read Sprint, watched the training videos, and practiced the exercises. You’re prepped and excited to facilitate your first (or second, or third) design sprint.

But perhaps what you haven’t learned yet is what comes from mastering the real-world sprint experience.

As a facilitator, you have the opportunity to create brief experiences to elevate/punctuate moments throughout the sprint.

These special touches are where impact is made, what clients remember - and what make your sprint kickass.

In this webinar, Dee Scarano (Lead Design Sprint Trainer at AJ&Smart) will share insights from running hundreds of design sprints and training people from some of the biggest and best companies in the world.

Dee has worked in product design and UX design for 10 years and is now teaching the power of Design Sprints with AJ&Smart and Jake Knapp (creator of the Design Sprint). She’s also an advocate for design best-practices through startup mentoring at the Google Launchpad Startup accelerator and running the Berlin chapter of the Global Service Jam.

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