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Running Global Virtual Design Sprints

Wednesday Mar 06 | 09 AM PST
1 hour approx.

The first ever global virtual design sprint was done on a simple thesis: If design sprints work well with everyone in the same room, could that same success be achieved in a virtual environment?  More importantly, could design sprint practitioners make the transition from a physical sprint to a remote one?

Last November, we teamed up with design sprint master Robert Skrobe to run the first ever global virtual design sprint, bringing together practitioners, thought leaders and design sprint enthusiasts from Romania, Germany, China, Japan, Australia, South and North America.  Robert and his team organized and facilitated the virtual design sprint event towards a surprisingly successful outcome, allowing everyone involved to practice and apply various design sprint methodologies and processes for a broad variety of interesting ideas and challenges.

In this webinar, Robert Skrobe (Dallas Design Sprints) will explain how you and your team can run your own virtual design sprint using MURAL. We’ll share how the first global virtual design sprint achieved their success, and their plans for an even bigger event this upcoming April.  

Robert is the founder of Dallas Design Sprints, a consulting agency specializing in building design teams, practicing professional development and teaching the design sprint process.

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