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How To Build Your Own Virtual Design Sprint

Wednesday, Sep 25 / 9AM PST
1 hour approx.

For highly complex engagements, MURAL templates often need to be customized. While MURAL’s canvas and toolset can accommodate nearly everything you throw at it, scaling up for remote and virtual teams and environments can be a challenge.

How do you design for a wide array of diverse audiences, yet still keep a common theme to unify the look and feel across multiple examples?

Join us for our upcoming webinar where Software AG’s Sandy Lam and Dallas Design Sprints’ Robert Skrobe walk through their work on the Global Virtual Design Sprint MURAL templates they’ll be featuring in November. You’ll learn how to apply Brad Frost’s atomic design principles, using fundamental building blocks to build your own customized templates in MURAL.

REMEMBER: If you can't attend the live session - SIGN UP ANYWAYS! We'll send the video replay to everyone who registers, so you can learn on your own time. 🎯

Robert is the founder of Dallas Design Sprints, a consulting agency specializing in virtual design sprints, remote work and professional development.

Sandy is an award-winning Product Designer and Certified Design Sprint Facilitator, based in Germany and currently working for Software AG. One of her main focus is on designing and facilitating workshops to solve problems creatively - but in structured ways.

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