MURAL Events

We sponsor and attend a variety of events where we aim to connect and inspire creative individuals to achieve more radical collaboration through digital design.

Nov 30 - Dec 1 | Brussels, Belgium

Digital Tourism Think Tank

Learn how to scale Service Design and transform your workflow between teams or DMOs using cloud-based tools and remote digital environments. Join a discussion with MURAL CEO Mariano Suarez-Battan on the inception, evolution and future of remote design at DTTT Global.

Nov 6 - 9 | Boston

Service Design Week

Examine service design methods and unpack the practical tools and skill-sets needed to deliver better services

OCT 30 - Nov 5 | San Francisco

Lean Startup Week

Learn how to implement, evolve and scale the Lean Startup methodology beyond the startup phase

Nov 6 - 8 | New York

DesignOps Summit

Build out your design operations - including onboarding, training, principles and more - to scale design in any organization