Plan better. Work faster. Play more.

Mural makes it easy to collaborate from anywhere with anyone, so group ideas flow and work gets done faster.

Mae Beelatir
Della Gatur
Ray Apiringost
Joe Kstyrr
Keri Thalode

Team brainstorming

Mural makes it easy to come up with ideas together — your group can contribute and react all at the same time or completely async.

Group projects

Collaborate, delegate, and make sure everyone participates — no limitations and no excuses.


Think outside the slides. Mural’s flexible canvas leaves room to build storylines alone or with others, then deliver your presentation — and even invite your audience to interact along the way.

Study sessions

Improve memory and recall with visual notetaking and review.

Club meetings

Real-time reactions and anonymous voting make sure everyone’s voice is heard without derailing the agenda.


Trust technical templates to help you create professional, polished diagrams that map systems, build documentation, and visualize flows.

Professional development

Learn and build skills that leading companies in the Fortune 100 and beyond are looking for — from online facilitation to Agile methods and design thinking.

Tools for school that build skills for work

Ideo Logo

Use dozens of templates for students

On-campus support

Mural student ambassadors

Michele Mandula – MURAL Student Ambassasdor
Michele Mandula
Themed Entertainment Design, SCAD

“From organizing myself for job interviews (and scoping out potential employers), to collaborating with peers in all of my classes, it's invaluable to my work.”

Nathan Le – MURAL Student Ambassasdor
Nathan Le
Applied Math, University of Calirfornia Stanta Barbara

“I'm in STEM and being able to visualize when homework is due and events like office hours and midterms, is something that is important when looking for templates.”

Emi Wallner – MURAL Student Ambassasdor
Emi Wallner
Sociology, Purdue University

“MURAL is really nice because you can use it for your personal life for a planner, professional life, and also academic life with group projects.”

Dhuvraj Sata – MURAL Student Ambassasdor
Dhruvraj Sata
Marketing, University of Texas

“I learned about MURAL in my Product Management class, creating design sprints, and agile and scrum frameworks. Now I use it in my personal life with my startup.”

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 +++ Upgrade to your Free student workspace
 +++ Upgrade to your Free student workspace
 +++ Upgrade to your Free student workspace
 +++ Get your Free student workspace
 +++ Get your Free student workspace
 +++ Get your Free student workspace