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Everything you need to know about setting yourself up for success in MURAL


Q: How do I get a MURAL license?

A: Explicit requests or approvals are no longer required for a membership license. Anyone can go to and sign up using your Travelers email address. You’ll be asked to create an account, at which point you’ll be routed through SSO and into MURAL as a member with full access to create, share, and participate in a canvas/room.

Q: How do I become a facilitator?

A: Creators of murals are automatically facilitators, and they can give these Facilitation Superpowers™ to other mural members. Learn more

Q: How do I invite others to a mural?

A: You can now share a mural board with anyone at Travelers, whether they are already a member of MURAL or not, and regardless of which workspace they're in. The easiest way is to use the Member invite link.

  • Click on the pink SHARE button in the top right corner
  • Copy the link and send it to your collaborators.

NOTE: The Anonymous Visitor link will be disabled and should not be used to share a mural with your Travelers colleagues. (This also means that any Anonymous Visitor links previously shared or stored (i.e. saved in meeting invites or linked in documentation) will no longer work.  You will need to update the Anonymous Visitor link with the Member Invite link.)

Q: Can I share my mural board with vendors or other guests outside of Travelers?

A: No. Access outside of Travelers is not permitted at this time due to security and compliance concerns. Members must have a Travelers email address to create or participate on a canvas.

Q: How do I find and join another workspace?

A: To join another workspace, follow this link . Once you've found the workspace you want to be a part of, click "Join workspace".

Q: How do I switch between workspaces?

A: You may be part of one or many different workspaces, but don't worry - it's easy to switch between them! When you are looking at your murals from the dashboard, you can see the name of the workspace you are currently in at the top left corner of the screen.

  • Click on the arrow next to the workspace name to see all workspaces you are currently part of
  • To switch to a different workspace, just click on the name of that workspace in the drop down
  • If you're only a member of one workspace, you'll not be able to switch workspaces

Q: How do I create a room?

A: See MURAL Room Guidance.

  • Private rooms are only accessible to those you explicitly invite.
  • Open rooms are public to anyone in your workspace.

Travelers policy recommends use of Private Rooms only. If you've already created an open room, you can change the room type to private. Learn more

Q: Can I use MURAL on my personal device?

A: MURAL is only accessible via SSO, which requires a connection to our network. This is possible on Travelers-owned devices and Travelers-managed browsers on BYOD.


For access issues:
  • Contact Travelers Service Center (TSC)

For any technical questions and support:
  • Contact MURAL through
  • Click on the ❔ in the top right (when logged into MURAL)

Learn the Basics of MURAL

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Every week we offer two live MURAL training sessions. Attend Monday’s session ✨ for the basics and Tuesday's session - to learn how to organize your work and run engaging sessions using MURAL. Each session includes time for Q&A and practice in the app.

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