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What's New in February: Use MURAL on More Devices

Written by 
Annelise Schoups
February 9, 2017

Different Devices Compatible with MURAL

Welcome back to our series, “What’s New at MURAL.” In our February webinar, we got to demonstrate all the different devices you can use to access and collaborate within MURAL. Whether you’re a new member or early adopter, you can now use MURAL across more devices, from an iPhone or iPad to a Windows 10-run Surface Pro or HUB.

In less than an hour, you can see:

  • Which devices we support
  • The ways people use each device
  • How you can access each app

Watch the full webinar for more details.

Missed the last update? Find the webinar featuring essential shortcuts here.

All caught up? Here’s a look at what we revealed this month:

What's New at MURAL in February

Use MURAL across your devices

The first thing to know is that MURAL supports many different devices, including Windows 10 and iOS-run touch devices. This makes it easier to collaborate from wherever you are, no matter what device you have in front of you.

For example, you can access the web app from any computer by visiting in your browser. You can also download our iOS app for your iPad and iPhone or the Windows 10 app for Microsoft Surface Pro devices.

Like your surfaces sprawling? We also have an app for the 84-inch Microsoft Surface Hub to make meetings, remote or in-person, more visual and collaborative than ever before.

Use Mural on More Devices

Using any of the devices, your team will be able to view, control and contribute to the same mural at the same time-- so you can run a collaborative session with participants on different devices. Plus, everyone will be able to access the mural long after the work session.

The webinar dives deeper into MURAL’s capabilities, so you learn how to:

  • Access our touch-ready apps
  • Join MURAL from your iPad or iPhone
  • Effectively use MURAL on each device
  • Collaborate with participants on different devices
  • Upload photos, sketching on touch screens and more

Get started with your free trial, and don’t forget to join us next time to see What’s New at MURAL.


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