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MURAL Support Goes Global

Written by 
Perran Facey
October 9, 2020

MURAL’s Customer Support has scaled to offer 24-hour service, Monday through Friday.

At MURAL, being customer-centric is core to who we are. Our aim is to create the best possible experience with a world-class visual collaboration platform while also fostering community through all of our customer touchpoints. Our Customer Support Team plays a key role in caring for this community.

That's why we're excited to announce that our Customer Support team now offers Monday through Friday, 24-hour service. This is the result of a rapid acceleration of plans made at the beginning of the year to double, maybe triple, the size of our four-person Customer Support team and offer 24-hour support within the next 18 months.

What happened and how did we get here so quickly? Read on!

Adapting to the unexpected

After COVID-19 was declared a pandemic in March, the whole world started looking for immediate ways to facilitate remote collaboration. For many, MURAL was the perfect solution. All of a sudden we had a ten-fold increase in the number of MURAL users along with a corresponding increase in contacts to our Customer Support (and as of September 2020 we have a twenty-fold increase in users!). 

This required a fast-paced change of strategy. We went from planning an airplane takeoff to launching a rocket ship! Suddenly we were aiming for a five-fold increase in team size, with 24-hour support within the next six months.

The answer was not just to hire more people, but rather to adopt a multi-pronged approach, including:

  • Automating responses to common and simple queries
  • Improving the content of our self-help articles in the online Help Center
  • Identifying and working with our product development teams to improve areas of MURAL that were causing requests for support
  • Hiring more Quality Assurance staff to analyze bug reports, helping to improve the customer experience

… And last but not least, hiring more, excellent support professionals, fast!

Hiring excellence in Customer Support

Before we could start hiring new Customer Support Representatives, we had to redesign our onboarding and training program to account for remote working. Training a new colleague remotely is very different to having them sit in a classroom, or sharing a desk. Fortunately we had the perfect tool for this: MURAL

We set up a standard onboarding template with a series of tasks and milestones with a retrospective at the end of the onboarding to reflect on and improve the process. We have now gone through four rounds of onboarding hiring 11 new team members using this new process and have made iterative tweaks along the way, leaving us with a very solid program to onboard faster and better in the future.

Onwards and upwards in Customer Support

Over the last six months we have scaled our Customer Support Team to 16 people spread across 5 countries in 3 continents, with overlapping shifts that cover 00:00 on Monday morning through to 24:00 on Friday night, New York time. We have focused on finding people that match our passion for excellent customer service and whose first thought is always to find the best solution for each user. Finding the right people takes time, but it’s worth the effort!

Our focus on finding the right people for our Customer Support Team has proven its worth in our customer satisfaction survey results. While we’ve worked on scaling up the team, we have in some cases had customers waiting several days for a response to a query. Where we haven’t met expectations, this has invariably been because of the delayed response time.

Despite this we have maintained excellent satisfaction results, with over 93% of customer reporting that they were happy or very happy with our response. We have seen internally how the customer satisfaction results correlate with a high NPS result, demonstrating that our Customer Support contributes to a positive relationship with our MURAL brand. Investing in Customer Support isn’t a “nice to have” for us; it reflects our commitment to the people we serve.

Next steps

We will continue to hire new talent throughout the rest of this year as we catch up with the ever-increasing demand from our users. The changes we’ve made this year have put us in a place where we are now able to scale much faster in future, while retaining our focus on quality and excellent customer service.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we’ve gone through this transformation, and look forward to helping you get the most out of MURAL any time of day in the future!

About the author

About the authors

Perran Facey

Perran is our Director of Customer Support at MURAL. He and his team work hard to create moments of magic for MURAL customers.